Capturing the Silken Thief

Capturing the Silken Thief - 

Jeannie Lin
This was a quick and entertaining read. 
Despite its shortness, Jeannie Lin managed to develop an engaging plot, develop a believable attraction and eventual romance between Jia and Luo Cheng, and deliver a satisfying ending. 
I can't really complain about how short this was because she managed to write a complete story in just a few pages. 

But also due to its shortness, it lacked the convoluted plot, full of surprises and plot twists, that Jeannie Lin has so masterfully written and used us to.
I guess I could have given this more stars, but since I went in expecting so much more I may have been a bit too harsh rating it.

Still, it's a great short and I definitely recommend it!

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