Hexed (The Witch Hunter #1) by Michelle Krys

Hexed - 

Michelle Krys
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I really disliked the main character, Indigo (Indie). She is selfish, shallow, more concerned about high-school popularity than being herself, and she constantly judges her peers for actually being themselves. Then there are these little gems that come out of her brain:
"the little Chinese girl Bianca treats like crap because she can barely speak English and only keeps on the team because she weighs ten pounds"
...Wow. Way to set an example through YA books. It's like authors forget that media matters and what you choose to write about makes a difference on what your young readers will then find as acceptable behaviour in real life...
The most flagrant example of this, from what I've read, was Indie having to participate in a cheer which ended with her and her team mates lifting their skirts and showing their butts to the audience. At age 16. WTF.

There's a lot of girl on girl hate right from the start, starting with Indigo hating her bff (?) Bianca and being sure she can't trust her to be alone with her boyfriend (great friendship!), to Indigo being a total bitch towards Paige, her neighbour, who tries really hard to be her friend.
Not to mention something I find absolutely inexcusable: Bianca insults Indigo's mother and, to continue being accepted, Indigo laughs along. 
I'm sorry, while I do not condone violence, if someone talks shit about your mother, those are fighting words. If you can't stick up for the woman who gave birth to you and raised you, because you might become unpopular, then you're a shitty person, the end.

It also doesn't help that the characters are less mature - and sound less mature - than the majority of Middle Grade characters I've read.
It's "frick" this and "frick" that, and lame jokes that actually made me stop and re-read because they were so unfunny they became nonsensical. As you can see:
"She looks so desperate for a yes that I’m hit with a feeling that is the opposite of good and rhymes with “rad.” Which is dumb."
Why yes, yes it is. As is:
"I could adopt a kid internationally for roughly what this spot will cost me, but it’s worth not having to walk."
I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

Indigo is also so self-absorbed it actually makes her tstl. 
She sees a guy die in front of her, and while the paramedics are trying to save him, she sees he's clutching a piece of paper and just snatches it out of his hand. 
I mean... so her curiosity is more important than not removing evidence from a possible crime scene, or worse, snatching what could have been a suicide note from the hands of a dead person who probably took the time to write it to help his family come to turns with what happened?
But these pondering are silly because this is obviously all about Indie!

Her boyfriend, Devon, seems like a really great person, too:
“Who’s your friend?” he asks.
“Paige Abernathy.” She stretches a hand out. “From your fifth period history class. And also from the last six years of school.”
He shakes her hand and laughs.
“No, seriously,” she says.
“I don’t want you talking to him.”
And I don’t want my boyfriend telling me who to talk to. I normally wouldn’t think twice before telling him exactly that, but we’ve been bickering too much lately. We need a good night.
Yes, great example of girls just letting their significant others' controlling behaviour dictate their lives because they don't want to cause trouble with their boyfriends. That's not problematic AT ALL.

To be honest, not counting Paige, I hated just about everyone. It's sad because I added this book to my "To Read" list on July 2013, so I've been looking forward to reading this for close to a year.

Apart from the whole absurd plot, and the lack of development of all the annoying, bordering on hateful characters, the writing, by itself, was good. So I guess that's the nice thing I have to say about this book... 

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