Just Another Day at the Office by Hedonist Six

Just Another Day at the Office (Full Novel) - 

Hedonist Six
I absolutely LOVED this!

Normally, I don't go for contemporary romance for the following reasons:
- amazingly gorgeous people falling in boring love
- they're too damaged to trust love or to be in a relationship, but they're going to torture us through it anyway
- the guy is always a modern day prince charming, I honestly think they're going overboard and becoming weirdly specific, it can't be long until we see "The Billionaire Dom Jaguar-Shifter Sheik Body-builder's Pregnant Girlfriend" hit the stores
- I can't connect with the characters at all, they're always overdramatic, every day there's something dreadful that makes their love impossible
- Almost none of the events are even remotely realistic

Not this book!
We meet Cath, who is having a job interview with her creep of a future boss and takes a peek at the yummy guy sitting in another office.
That guy is John. John is overweight and has been going through a bad break-up. He lacks confidence. He was taunted and bullied throughout his school years for being overweight.

Here's the thing, I don't mind chubbier guys at all. Oh, I'd take the muscular guy, the skinny guy, the whatever guy - as long as I found him attractive and we had things in common. As long as we clicked. As long as he was nice, trust-worthy, and I liked him.

This is something that usually only shows up in reverse in contemporary romance: the chubby new girl that all men suddenly want - and that's great! People get so much crap thrown at them, they need these feel good books! And honestly? In real life I assure you there is always someone who sees that chubby girl and loves everything about her - because that's how love works. You love everything about a person because you love them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as it's said!

So it's nice to see some chubby men get appreciated as well. And John was so sweet, so honest, so earnest! How could anyone not want him?!

His romance with Cath was completely believable and really, really hot!

I need to get my hands on this author's other books!

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