The Cyberkink Sideshow by Ophidia Cox

The Cyberkink Sideshow - 

Ophidia Cox

Ciberpunk and kinky stuff? Count me in.

I went into this book expecting something very straightforward and, while it was, it took an unexpected turn which reminded me of the film Preaching to the Perverted.

Some things I loved:

- it was well written
- it brought up how sex between consenting adults should be free to please all participants, regardless of social mores
- it had a male romantic interest who is very much unlike most written and the female protagonist is attracted to him, because she likes everything about him

Some things I liked:

- Max, the dog!
- How this was more of an exploration of how fluid sexuality is and not so much a mystery/romance
- How the female protagonist debated with herself about complying with social expectations about removing pubic hair and how she, in particular, found it infantilizing

A few things I hated:

- I was expecting a tighter mystery
- There should have been more about the romantic/sexual relationship between the two main characters. Yes, it was all resolved, but it was too quick, I needed to see more development in the way they functioned as being in an official relationship.
- It was set in a circus. Yes I know I can't really complain because it's clear from the title, from the cover, and from the blurb. I didn't go into this book unwittingly. I just find circuses REALLY creepy.

All in all it's a good book, but certainly NOT for everyone.