The Kraken King, Part III: The Kraken King and the Fox's Den (Iron Seas #4.3) by Meljean Brook

The Kraken King Part III: The Kraken King and the Fox?s Den - 

Meljean Brook

After reading one of Zenobia's letters to her brother, Ariq is more convinced than ever that she holds dangerous secrets, and that it's not in his best interest to allow her to get too close to him.

Easier said than done, on both their parts.

Having to bide their time in the smuggler's dens, we meet the twins: two ruthless and creepy rulers of one of the dens, as well as someone from Zenobia's past...

This one was a bit slower - I'm spoiled, I admit it, Brook's dialogue is so addictive that when the story necessarily needs to spend some time advancing the plot, like a ninny I go, "But... the witty repartee... I need it..."

But this instalment ended on such a high note! 

I was a bit under the weather, so I haven't been following this as assiduously as I should have, which means I got to gorge myself on 3 instalments at once. That's the worst! Now I'm debating whether or not to read Part IV right away, or just hoard it for a while longer. This is like a sickness! I love it.
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