Samurai Jack Volume 1

Samurai Jack Volume 1 - 

Jim Zub, Andy Suriano
ARC provided by IDW Comics through Netgalley
Of course I, like most people of my generation, was addicted to Cartoon Network, so I followed Samurai Jack's adventures, and even subscribed to the theory that Samurai Jack was set in the dystopian future of Powerpuff Girls' Townsville. 


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For those unfamiliar with the story, Samurai Jack is stranded in a post-apocalyptic future ruled by the demon wizard Aku. His quest is to go back to his own time, defeat the demon wizard Aku, and thus prevent the terrible future he has witnessed.
In this volume, which comprises 5 issues, Jack starts searching for the Threads of Time, which are the shreds of the Ropes of Eons, used by the gods to mark the passage of time when the universe was formed, and torn by the demon wizard Aku once he mastered the sorcery of time travel. 
If Jack can find a single strand of the Threads of Time, it'll lead him to the others and then send him back to his own time.
Will Jack finally be able to defeat the demon wizard Aku? 

I really enjoyed the premise, it's original and the writing captures the tone of the show, right down to its most humorous aspects. 

The artwork was pretty good, faithful to the show's distinctive style, especially when it came to action scenes.

As always, my only complaint is to do with IDW Publishing's poor quality of the ARC, but since the lettering and artwork in this volume were quite bold, it wasn't as difficult to read as previous ARCs from that publisher. 

A must read for all fans of Samurai Jack who, like me, were left hanging when the show was cancelled!
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