The X-Files Season 10 volume 2

X-Files Season 10 Volume 2 - 

Guillermina De Ferrari, Elena Casagrande, Joe Harris, Michael Walsh
ARC provided by IDW through Netgalley

We start vol 2 with my favourite X-Files' creature, the Flukeman.
In case you forgot about it, here it is:

I saw The Host (the episode featuring this delightful sewer-dwelling creature) when I was a little girl, so thank you X-Files for making me afraid to pee because I kept thinking this thing would jump out of the toilet and lay its offspring in my cavities.

As it happens, in this volume, Scully has to remove several flatworms from within Mulder's body - this is probably the only time I'll write this sentence - thankfully by carving him open with a scalpel.
There are some things you just don't want to witness your childhood heroes engaging in, and I wasn't keen on seeing Mulder recreate the events from Vincent Eaton's The Worm Within.

I didn't like the artwork as much in issues 6, 7 when compared to the artwork from vol. 1 by Michael Walsh. It looked a bit like a cartoon version of the show, instead of a graphic novel.
Greg Scott was my favourite artist in this volume, his artwork was the most realistic - this is a matter of preference, of course, so don't let it sway you in any way.
Regardless of which artist was featured, it didn't really help that the review copy I was provided with had this plastered over crucial dialogue:

While the Flukeman is my all-time favourite creature, Chitter was my favourite issue in this volume.
Tributes to a Chittering God... that one is going to haunt me...

Issue 10 actually made me glad this was a graphic novel because I would have lost sleep over what was going on if that had actually been shown on tv, instead of an ebook I could set aside and take deep breaths to remind myself that this isn't actually true.

Anyway, an amazing volume, and a must read for any X-Files fan!

P.S. - Oh, and this wouldn't have been the X-Files if this hadn't happened at least once, so I'm glad it did:


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