The Weaver Takes a Wife (Weaver #1) by Sheri Cobb South

The Weaver Takes a Wife - 

Sheri Cobb South
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A sweet and simple Regency romance.

Ethan Brundy, an illegitimate orphan, rose to wealth from his impoverished past in the workhouse. As soon as he sees Lady Helen at the theatre he vows she'll be his wife.
Lady Helen is on her third season, having scared all her suitors with her sharp tongue and, as fate would have it, her father's gaming debts make it crucial that she should be advantageously married. Which is how, against her will, she ends up married to Mr Brundy.

I didn't much care for the love story from Mr Brundy's side. 
We accompany Lady Helen as she overcomes her prejudices and proud demeanour, and discovers what a kind and generous man her husband truly is, despite his less than reputable origins. She grows as a character as she grows to love him.
Mr Brundy, however, sees her at the theatre one night and finds her beautiful so he wants her for a wife. Never mind her personality or who she is. He basically wants her because of the way she looks. 
And for a workhouse orphan who was himself bought, he shows no compunction when it comes to buying himself a wife...

Still, it was a particularly unaffected, drama-free Regency romance, a quick and entertaining read without the usual trappings of tormented secrets, drawn-out drama, and misunderstandings.  

So if you're looking for a light historical romance give this one a chance!

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