Ms. Marvel #1 by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Sana Amanat

Ms. Marvel #1  - 

G. Willow Wilson,  Adrian Alphona
Media representation!! YES!!!
What an absolutely awesome start, truly, I'm in awe - how gifted do you have to be to manage to discuss so many subjects in such a short issue?!
First of all, let us start with Kamala. She is a Muslim Pakistani-American and she is so easy to relate to - her struggles with her family and their expectations of her vs. her desire to fit in and be just like everyone else, her fangirling over The Avengers and her excitement over having posted a popular fanfic, her struggle with her self-image and self-worth due to the European beauty standards that rule society, just... her!


How adorable is she?!

There's Kamala's friend, Nakia, who is not here for you to give her some westernised name when she has a perfectly beautiful name already.

And who is a proud hijabi.


Then there is the faux-liberal popular girl, whom Kamala desperately wishes to be like, even though she is, to put it plainly, a horrible person who disguises her racism and islamophobia under the guise of non-intersectional feminism.

Which quickly reveals itself once Kamala breaks out of the preconceived ideas she had of her, and what she could or could not do:

Some POC are extremely fortunate in that they always had a very strong sense of self-worth, and found comfort in their ethnicity and cultural traditions - I wasn't among them, many of us aren't, and it can takes us a long, long time to embrace and love who we are, so it's really touching to have Kamala illustrate the result of trying to be someone else to fit in:


So let's see: family life and the struggles of being an adolescent girl, non-intersectional feminism, islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, issues concerning self-worth, religion, standards of beauty imposed by the media, trying to fit in - all that, dealt with in the most amazing way, in a short issue!
And it ends with a cliff-hanger that has me wanting to run out and get the next issue right now!

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