Adventure Time - Pixel Princesses by Danielle Corsetto and Zack Sterling

Pixel Princesses - 

Danielle Corsetto

Lumpy Space Princess makes it just in time for the Princesses-only surprise party she planned for herself, but LSP is in for a huge drama-bomb...

Out of all the Princesses of Ooo, only five of them showed up:

 Breakfast Princess, the co-ruler of the Breakfast kingdom.


Muscle Princess!


Embryo Princess!


Skeleton Princess, the ruler of the Boneyard Kingdom.


Turtle Princess, LSP's bff.

Confronted by these events, LSP  decides she doesn't want to even be a Princess any more, and her star gem slides out of her forehead.
Little do they know, as this drama unfolds inside the party, outside BMO is heartbroken for not having been invited. He wishes with all his heart that he could be a Princess, too!
Unfortunately, BMO is overheard by Magic Man who decides to make his wish come true, materializing the Princesses inside of BMO.

Now the Princesses need to work together and discover their strengths to defeat five levels in a game inside BMO before his batteries run out. And, in doing so, come to terms with what really means to be a Princess of Ooo.

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