Newt's Emerald by Garth Nix

Newt's Emerald - 

Garth Nix

DNF @ 25%


I just couldn't get into this book...


It's Truthful's 18th birthday and she gets to see the family's famed Emerald, which grants its female users powers over the weather or something - it's not entirely clear to the point I've read. As her father presents the jewel, a great storm breaks and a smoke entity steals the thing and vanishes out of the house.

The father turns out to have powers over the weather and just "magics" the storm away - okay, if he could do that, why did he send his servants to shutter the whole place, in a dreadful downpour, lightning falling all over the place? It just makes him seem like an asshole... 

What also makes him look like an asshole is the fact that he accuses his nephews (are they even his nephews, I mean, they are Truthful's cousins, so I assume...) of stealing the jewel... he was there, he saw they didn't, but he chooses to bring scandal and shame upon his family because... because.


Anyway, they all decide to go on a quest to find the Emerald, with Truthful heading off to London for her season.

I presume she'll "glamour" herself into a boy and go into predictable and boring adventures, but I just couldn't read that far.


Truthful is the usual stock cardboard YA girl, a gorgeous red-head who thinks she's ugly and nothing special. There are some interchangeable cousins, a maid, a butler, and her father. And at 25% none of them are even minimally developed as characters, they're just names on the page, empty.


And where was this book's editor?! 


"But she admit to admit that she would quite like to see something of the wider world, so to be eighteen and on the very threshold of a triumphal entry (or at least a credible arrival) into the fashionable London ton was both very satisfactory and exciting, though Truthful had to admit to herself that she almost as much frightened as thrilled."


Repetitions, missing words, erroneous forms of address - as the daughter of a viscount Truthful should be addressed as The Honourable (The Hon), or Miss, not Lady. I don't know, these are basic things you should know about your main character when writing a Regency novel.


Maybe it gets insanely better past the 25% mark but I, for one, will never know.


Amazing cover by Kali Ciesemier, though!



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