Sheltered Volume 1 by Ed Brisson

Sheltered, Vol. 1 - 

Ed Brisson
Sheltered Vol 1 courtesy of Image Comics through Netgalley


I simply was not ready for this! I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but Ed Brisson and John Christmas just surpassed whatever expectations I might have had. 
Welcome to the pre-Apocalypse - if it'll come at all. Safe Haven is a commune filled with people who spend their lives preparing for the impending end of the world. They have stocked bunkers, plans for every eventuality, they train and raise their children to be ready for the End.


But the End comes to them at the hands of their own children...


There are plenty of post-Apocalyptic dystopias - Sheltered brings a new twist to the genre by setting the story pre-Apocalypse with the ever lingering doubt that the Apocalypse may, in fact, never come.
Every page forces you to keep reading, every issue ends on a cliffhanger, this is overwhelmingly addictive and I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on the following issues. 
If you're tired of the usual post-Apocalyptic dystopias, rest assured that Brisson and Christmas will hook you with a startling new twist.
Worth mentioning, besides the tight and addictive plot, is the artwork. John Christmas' imbues the looks of the characters with their personality traits, and the art presents a fluidity of movement that is awe-inspiring.
I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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