What Does the Fox Say? by Ylvis

What Does the Fox Say? - 

Ylvis, Christian Løchstøer, Svein Nyhus

Unless you're living under a rock (lucky you in this case) you've already heard Ylvis viral music video The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?), which spanned a thousand memes - a few of them quite funny:














Much like Andrew Kolb, who illustrated the lyrics to David Bowie's Space Oddity (a work of genius, I need to review that one!), Svein Nyhus illustrated Ylvis' What Does the Fox Say? which, I must admit, makes for a very good read for children.

I absolutely LOVE Nyhus' illustrations - I'm not a fan of the song, but the illustrations are so good I don't even mind the words. Look at Nyhus' fox, for instance:



It really is a delightful children's book.
Of course, as in the song, it fails to answer the question: What does the fox say?

In case you're curious, the fox sounds like a mix of dog/cat.