Hunter's Season by Thea Harrison

Hunter's Season - 

Thea Harrison

This was a sweet novella - as usual with this series I honestly can't say I even remember these characters from previous books, again the problem of a not so cohesive and inclusive worldbuilding with supporting character set in stone throughout the story, each single book tends to focus solely on the featured couple.

Such was the case here, with Niniane and Tiago making cursory appearances.

But that's - as I established before - not necessarily a bad thing, it allows the reader to judge each book on its own merit without any hangups.

Xanthe - who apparently showed up in Devil's Gate a previous Elder Races novella - which I actually remember since it was about Seremela an awesome character who is both a Medusa and a scientist! I don't remember Xanthe at all, but apparently the magical tarot deck which has been jumping from owner to owner until said owner finds ~true love~ is now in her hands.
Xanthe, knowing love can take many forms believes this to mean the companionship of her new pet kitten... but said kitten comes with its own surprises.
Having had her cover blown in the Devil's Gate mission, Xanthe has to give up her business as an assassin, so becomes a guard to Queen Niniane (another character I remember!).

Aubrey, whom I kept picturing as Drake and, no lie, kind of ruined the story for me...


~All these muscles and you still couldn't make our relationship work out.~
~All these muscles and you still had to get my heart ripped.~
But anyway, Aubrey is the Chancellor whose wife apparently betrayed him and tried to murder the queen, and he can't let his feels go, so I guess he probably does have a lot in common with Drake. He's attacked and nearly dies so he's taken to Xanthe's idyllic cottage where they could live only for their romance.
Seriously... was Drake on Thea Harrison's playlist when she wrote this?

Because that's it - no political intrigue actually butting in the plot, just romance, romance, romance. And he even says stuff Drake would say:

“I think you grow more beautiful each time I lay my eyes on you. It’s happened every time I woke up to find you there, helping me in some way. All I want to do is look at you, to experience it again.”

And then he keeps insisting they need to get married, even though she's not really into it like that.

I'm hating a lot, because of Drake - whom I faux-hate as a hobby - the actual Aubrey in the book was alright and the romance not nearly as cheesy as if the actual Drake had been there, so 3 stars and no more Aubreys, please.

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