Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Is It Just Me? - 

Miranda Hart
This book is exactly what it says on the tin, and while I do find Miranda Hart quite funny, and I did laugh while reading this book, there were just these huge blocks of pages and pages which were, at best mildly amusing, and at worst a bit boring. This book needed to be shorter, it's not particularly lengthy at 323 pages, but Hart did not have enough comedic material for it.
Not to say it's not well worth the read, if you're ever feeling down, please do read it! In it you can find such amusing stories of Miranda's life such as:
- The time she thought Kanye West was a tube stop on the Picadilly Line.
- The time Little Miranda (her 18 year old self who appears frequently throughout the book) put lemon in her hair so it'd go a bit frizzy and blond in the sun but wasps kept attacking her.
- The time she's mistaken for a shop assistant while shopping and, not wanting to make the mistaken fellow customer feel stupid, ends up finding them a pair of jeans in their size and doing a four-hour shift.
- The time she went to get fitted for a bra and swiped the lady doing the fitting in the eye with her nipple.
- The time when, during a children's birthday party, she bent to pick up a crying toddler and mistakenly picked up a 42 year old dwarf woman.
- The time in her teens she was so upset she ran to the loo and ate her shoulder pads (which were actually two crusty bread rolls under her bra straps)
- The time she invited a fellow guest at a house party for a bit of a snog in a cupboard and he never showed up, but she had been in the cupboard for too long and it would be too embarrassing to come out so she just waited 'till 4 a.m. to leave, startling the host.
So, if you find any of that funny (and how could you not?!), go ahead and read it!

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