The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas

The Luckiest Lady in London - 

Sherry Thomas
This was so much fun!
I wish all HR characters were written like this: as rational, pragmatic people.

Louisa has several unmarried sisters, and a widowed mother, therefore she must marry, and marry well if she wants to be able to assure they'll be cared for - especially her youngest sister, who suffers from epilepsy. 
She doesn't set her sights high, she merely needs a husband who can support them to live in comfort.

So she makes a list of potential candidates and prepares herself by padding her breasts and pretending to be interested in everything gentlemen have to say.

Enter Felix - The Ideal Gentleman. Everyone in society thinks him to be perfect and it's an image he works hard to maintain. Felix's parents hated each other and used him as a weapon in their marriage, so Felix is determined to choose some empty-headed young lady for a wife - but only when he's in his 40's (which are still some years away), so he won't be encumbered by that hassle that is being in love .

But then he meets Louisa, who sees through the Ideal Gentleman façade and who doesn't bother to hide her distrust and her lust for him. No point to it, really, since he's not part of her plans.

It's so refreshing to see a heroine in charge of her sexuality, with no hangups and shames - I'd say in HR, but at this point the baffling focus on naïve young virgin heroines with no say on the sexual facet of their relationships crosses all genres... and it's getting tiresome.

Not here! Louisa knows what she wants, and has no problem wanting and getting it, and  Felix finds this as refreshing as us readers.

The drama may have dragged for a bit too long, but it was never annoying or forced. Their relationship and the way they grew as a couple and characters more than makes up for it. It was also charming the way they both shared an interest in astronomy and mathematics!

If you're looking for a comfy HR to go with a warm cup of tea to pass these cold Autumn days, this should definitely be at the top of your list!

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