X-Files Season 10 Volume 1

The X-Files: Season 10, Volume 1 - 

Joe Harris, Michael Walsh, Chris Carter
 arc provided by IDW Publishing through netgalley
Okay, I know I totally signed up for this once I downloaded it from Netgalley, but I spent the whole story going, "I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!" because OH MY GOD.
We all have our favourite X Files episodes, you know, the creepiest ones, like Home - with the amputee mother kept under a bed who kept popping out babies conceived by boinking her own deformed sons. I remember closing the shutters that night and screaming my lungs out because my cat was innocently (if cats can ever be innocent...) sitting on the windowsill. That was 17 years ago and it still freaks me out.
This volume was very much like one of those creepy episodes. 
It tricks you: Mulder and Scully are living together under false identities, everything is happy and normal then BAM! - CREEPY CHILD! HORRIFYING SHAPE SHIFTERS! SOMEONE IS OUT TO GET SCULLY'S BABY!
Listen, I was freaking out reading this, I read it all in an hour, tops, I couldn't stop scrolling to find out what came next. I'll tell you what came next: pure AWESOMENESS. It really was like one of those X Files episodes that haunt you for years to come.
So as soon as you can, GO READ IT! 
I'll just be here, languishing until the next one comes out.
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