Adventure Time: Marceline & The Scream Queens by Meredith Gran

Adventure Time: Marceline & The Scream Queens - 

Meredith Gran

Okay, I admit it, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum are my Adventure Time OTP - I just love them so much!
In this series we follow Marceline and her band, The Scream Queens, on tour - with Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum as their manager, trying to reign in the crazy and deal with Marceline's insecurities and (some times) diva behaviour.
As if that weren't enough, there is some mysterious hater who keeps plaguing Marceline with terribly unfounded reviews - who could it be?

This series was so much fun! I know this is for kids but, in true Adventure Time tradition, it's funny for adults as well. In fact, there are some awesome things about it more likely to be enjoyed by adults, like the awesome cover art for each issue and respective inspiration(s):



There were some genuinely funny moments - I always love how Adventure Time picks up gender tropes and what's happening in pop culture and criticises it. Enter Guy, that mysterious musician whom every girl should love, especially since he is afflicted with a "very sexy curse".


He's such a ~tormented soul~ and he keeps lying and lying, clinging to his air of mystery and danger, which makes him oh so ~irresistible~. Thankfully Princess Bubblegum is a very mature lady who knows how to deal with these dudebros:


 But, as I mentioned, besides this social critique, and the awesome plot and subplots, this series was immensely funny:
And it offered some treats for us shippers, as well :)
So, if you like Adventure Time, and let's be real - who doesn't? - GO READ IT!

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