Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake Vol. 1 by Natasha Allegri

Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake Vol. 1 - 

Natasha Allegri, Lucy Knisley, Kate Leth

Okay, I am totally OBSESSED with Adventure Time - it's one of the most socially conscious shows on tv - notice I didn't say "cartoons", because Adventure Time manages to leave every show in the dust with the subjects it approaches. Also with how it completely breaks the viewer's heart - you start watching, "Oh, haha, a kids' show, so silly, and then BLAM! a roundhouse kick to the heart that just turns you into a pile of FEELS.


Anyway, the great Natasha Allegri, one of the show's writers, came up with a gender-bent version of the show: Fionna & Cake:



And when the actual Fionna & Cake episode came out it was one of those times where the hype was right because everyone was dying to see it and it was amazing!


The Adventure Time comics are generally nice tie-ins to the show and I have this to say for them: they are extremely funny, even for adults. But the Fionna & Cake comics took it one step further because not only were the comics hilarious, the plots tight and fun, but they were also BEAUTIFUL!

I can find no best way to convince you to read this than to leave you with the first few pages of this volume.



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