30 Day Book Challenge: Day 12 - A Book I simultaneously love and hate

It's actually a whole series:
Richelle Mead's Dark Swan

Now, I know what you guys are thinking: "Isa, are you stupid? If you love/hate a book why do you keep reading the whole series?!"
Because Richelle Mead writes stories that are impossible to quit!! You have no idea how many times Eugenie (the main character) did something that made her too stupid to live (basically once every other page) - and I hated her, and I hated it, and I hated myself because I couldn't s t o p.

There are some wonderful things about this series: the world building, the plot (the main one and the individual ones for each book), most of the characters (especially Dorian). But it's incredibly frustrating that not only the love triangle reigned supreme in the plot, but whenever there was even a hint of trouble with one of the guys Eugenie just left him and slept with the other one. I'm not slut shaming, if she were happy with the situation, if everyone was okay with it, I'd be all, "You go, girl, do your thing." But everyone was miserable!
And, it bears repeating, Eugenie was probably the dumbest UF character I have ever read in my life.

The thing is, Richelle Mead is crazy talented when it comes to storytelling, and I could not quit this, even though I hated myself more and more every time I read. And the ending?! Don't even get me started!
But I wouldn't have skipped this series for the world, even considering all the grief it put me through.

I learned my lesson, though, I'm never picking up another Richelle Mead book. I'm sorry, she seems like an awesome lady, and is a great author, but her books turn me into a crazy person.