30 Day Book Challenge: Day 09 - A Book I Thought I Wouldn't Like, But Ended Up Loving


I make no secret of my love for the Flora Segunda series, the thing is, I have never found anything that could compare. I don't mean the plot, that would be a negative point, obviously, I mean that heroine who is not particularly concerned about her looks - is in fact aware they're not the best, but doesn't care - because there are important things happening, damnit! So who has time for that?! Let's get things done, all I need is my bravery and cunning.

Also, an amazing adventure in a world where magic is acknowledged (if not accepted), a sidekick who is an equal (and not necessarily a love interest), parents with their own lives and backstories, secondary characters who feel real and aren't just there to advance the plot. And mistakes! So many mistakes made by the characters, but they learn from them, and they're never the tstl kind. All that and there are very funny moments sprinkled throughout.

It breaks my heart that The Assassin's Curse is only a duology - not that Cassandra Rose Clarke didn't wrap everything up in the most expert of ways- she did! But it was just so, so! good that I wanted more. (Yes, even with the accompanying short stories it was not enough for me, I'm greedy like that).