Saga by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples



This is a review for volume 1 + 2 of Saga (and probably for all the others that come afterwards).

I was immediately drawn to the story. Alana and Marko: two soldiers of opposing faction, two people whose races have been at war for generations, fall in love with each other.

Vaughaun was clever and started the story with Alana and Marko's baby's birth. Come one, low blow, basically any human being would be invested right there: two people in love, and now a baby we literally watch being born.


Well played, Vaughan. Well played.
Add to that an awesome "villain" on a mission to capture them and destroy the baby.
Prince Robot. No, seriously.
A great cast of characters, including an amazing baby-sitter.
Well, half of one, anyway.
And a talking cat who can always (and will always) tell when someone is lying.
Cats are assholes - even in space!
All of this drawn by the incredibly talented Fiona Staples - seriously, every panel is just stunning artwork.
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