Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6) by Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises - 

 Ilona Andrews

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Entertaining as always but there were things I usually just brush off but this time there were one too many.

Every single book in this series recaps all the major events that happened in the other ones. I don’t think many readers would decide to start reading a series on book #6, so I don’t really see the point of this. It’s repetitive and it starts to grate on the readers who do follow the series. I swear, if I have to read about how Derek was disfigured one more time…

There were some inconsistencies, Kate is 26 when this book starts… and she was 26 back in book #1. Has it really been less than a year? I don’t know, so I guess it could be…

What couldn’t be is Doolittle’s name, in book #5 it was George:

AUNT B: “Shush. George, will you keep me standing here all day?

And in book #6:

AUNT B: “Nonsense, Darrien.” Aunt B crouched by him. “Of course you can. Kate will heal you.

Well, which is it?

I also didn’t get why Kate was so upset at the possibility of her future kids going loup – she is immune to lyc-V. Julie, who has mere traces of her blood, is now also immune to lyc-V. Doesn’t it follow that her kids would be immune as well?

Didn’t care much for the relationship drama between Kate and Curran, one thing I like about this series is that it always steered clear of that cliché.

But these are minor complaints!
The plot was engaging and addictive, as it always is, and the characters were delightful, especially the new ones (yes, Hugh included).
I honestly cannot wait to read the next one :)