Mistwood - 

Leah Cypess I've re-read this book more times than I count and it's still amazing every time I read it.The tricky unreliable narrator is written beautifully. Honestly, how hard must it be to write a character with no memory of who she was, with a less than stellar personality and a stunning lack of empathy but still make the reader want her to succeed? How hard must it be to write a character with enough powers to deem her a Mary-Sue but always avoid her becoming a Mary-Sue? I'd say near impossible, and for the life of me I can't figure out how the author did it - hence to various re-readings. Well done, Leah Cypess. The political subplot was entertaining and unexpected at turns, I guess Megan Whalen Turner has spoiled me, but I kept wishing for more. As it is, it's perfectly adequate for the plot and genre and a definitive plus.I honestly hope we'll get a glimpse of these characters in future books.