Enchanted - 

Alethea Kontis I was really excited for this book because the description seemed so cute. It had so many problems, though...I can excuse the insta-love, since this is a fairytale retelling, but that doesn't make it any less dissatisfying. Sunday, the main character, is bonny and good, etc. But basically that's all she is, any of her sisters was a more interesting character than Sunday. The prince was a bit more interesting, but not by much. While the writing was ok, the plot just tried to do too much. The main plot wasn't strong or particularly convincing. This wasn't improved by every fairytale ever making an appearance. It detracted from the main plot, which wasn't compelling enough on its own to withstand this.Personally, I found it all very boring, but maybe this just wasn't my cup of tea, since the book is getting good ratings, so don't stop yourself from giving it a chance based on my review alone.