Damage - 

Anya Parrish The only reason this book isn't getting 5 stars is because I find the explanation to what was going on to be scientifically weak. I'm not an endocrinologist but really, the book would have been better if the resolution had been a bit vaguer so we scientists wouldn't be able to nitpick. Other than that I have absolutely nothing to point out, excellent pacing, characters, plot, everything was great.I've read reviews complaining about the insta-love and they held me back from reading this book for a while. There was insta-love, yes, but it was more believable than that particular plot point tends to be, taking in consideration how the character's pasts, their personalities, and the situation they were in contributed to it.But honestly, it was so original and at times really creepy, I definitely recommend it! I suck at writing reviews of books I really like, I guess I'm a better hater :/Anyway, go read this, it's great!And I really, really, REALLY hope this will become a series!