Farsighted - 

Emlyn Chand

It took me 5 days to get through this, I don't know, it just seemed to really drag, the pacing wasn't for me.


And to be honest, apart from Shapri, I didn't really like any of the characters, they felt real, had depth, and were well-written. I just didn't like them. So this part of the review is all about my "taste" and not so much about the objective worth of the book. For me it was ok (so 2 stars), but I have to give it 3, even if I didn't really like it that much.


And here's why those 3 stars were well earned:


1- There's some really skilled writing at work here. Alex, the main character, is blind, and the book is told in first person pov. There was never any sense of missing out on what characters or surroundings looked like. It was descriptive in a unique and well achieved way.


2- Alex, as I already mentioned, is blind. But thankfully this book doesn't go for the usual "oh the poor disabled boy" - he can take care of himself, he can live a normal life, he can save the day (kind of).


3- There was a lot of cultural diversity, and not just for the sake of having some token characters in the book, it felt real.


So there you go, 3 stars, but that's just because I really felt this book wasn't for me, I'm sure if most readers give this a chance they'll give it a higher rating than I did.