A Wife for Mr. Darcy

A Wife for Mr. Darcy - 

Mary Lydon Simonsen

Originally posted at Paperback Wonderland.


I have to say, I was ready to give this book 3 stars for most of its reading, but the last third of it...


Throughout the whole book there were innumerous historical inaccuracies, to be fair the plot was engaging enough to allow me to, if not completely ignore them, tolerate them.


The dialogue, for the most part, was witty and engaging. It was actually the book's strongest point. And had it kept at that for its entirety it would have been a solid 3 stars.


But the last 3rd...The plot was quickly solved in the most anticlimactic way, and with its resolution most of the dialogue went from witty to sappy. The most saccharine, drippy love letters and declarations, and dull descriptions of things that had no point at all, since the plot was pretty much finished. And let me tell you, once the witty dialogue disappeared, all those historical inaccuracies were all I could see.