Thick of it: The Missing DoSAC Files

The Thick of It: The Missing DoSAC Files - 

Armando Iannucci, Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Tony Roche, Ian   Martin

Originally posted at Paperback Wonderland.


There were a few parts in this that could only work if they were being read by the actors, but most of it was the usual brilliance you see in the show, like:


• Malcolm's interview, where he claims he could win a fight against Muhammad Ali (because he has Parkinson's now)

• Nicola's interview, where she reveals she did try yoga (but had to stop because she broke her sternum)

• Mannion's attack points file, where we find out he crashed his yacht against another yacht (because "the ocean made a sudden unexpected up and down motion")

• Malcolm's Guide to Managing Your Public Image, full of helpful tips like "if you feel you might be unable to stop yourself smiling at a service of remembrance imagine your own cock being fed into a moulinex (Clinton once coaxed a tear this way in Normandy)


If you love the show, you'll love the book.