This Is Not a Test

This is Not a Test - 

Courtney Summers

Originally posted at Paperback Wonderland.


tw: domestic abuse

tw: suicide


This was such a brutal book! For those expecting mindless zombie carnage, look somewhere else - yes, there is some of it in the book, but that's not its main focus. Instead, This is Not a Test focuses on people. On who they are, on how they react, on what that tells us about them.


Our main character, Sloane, has lost the will to live. Is it the hopelessness of the Apocalypse, you ask? No, it's the hopelessness of being trapped with an abusive parent in a absolutely normal world. The hopelessness of being alone, since her sister and only friend, has left her alone with the abuser. So when the Apocalypse strikes, Sloane isn't particularly upset. It's merely a change of plans, she doesn't mean to hang around for long, this is just a another way to leave.


But Sloane finds herself trapped in her high-school with other survivors: her former classmates with whom she never really connected.


This was masterfully written. When abuse is addressed in books you seldom witness the loneliness, the inability to form relationships other people take for granted, because your life is defined by the abuse. Courtney Summers did not shy away from that.


And while they all struggle to survive, and conflicts arise from living in such close quarters, Sloane sits quietly with her secret: she doesn't intend to survive.