The Arena Wars (Arena Wars #1)

The Arena Wars - 

Samantha   Hoffman This book had so much potential!You get the feeling all it needs is a good editor.Despite its weaknesses (I'll get into those), this book had a lot of good points:- Quinten: he felt real and his struggles were well written.- The romantic relationship. There was no insta-love. There was a natural progression and it didn't dominate the plot.- The action scenes were very well written.- The pace was on point, seriously, even though I couldn't help noticing faults, I couldn't stop reading.Bad points (which, I can't point out enough, a decent editor would have eliminated)- Too much tell instead of show. There wasn't even a case of not knowing how to show. The show was all there, the reader could infer all the plot points, all the character's relationships and motivations by what they did. But it was always hammered in, sometimes more than twice, why something had happened. There was no need for this, really. The reader starts getting the feeling he/she is being talked down to.- The younger sister. This is a 14 year old who went through a traumatic event, lost her mother, and can clearly see her father favours her other sibling. Yet no one cuts this girl a break. No one seems to understand and try and talk things out with her in a manner befitting her age. They just argue with her and are quick to dismiss her and set her aside as "lost".- Alanna, the main character, constantly criticises her sister for being immature. Then she is just as, if not more, immature than her sister. The problem is that, while her sister is 14, and thus is expected to be as she is, Alanna is 20. After a while I really started to dislike her for this.- Too-Stupid-To-Live: Alanna has a lot of these moment. I actually tended to forgive them (which I usually never do) because her best friend Quinten always pointed them out in the story.- Her father: he was basically a non-entity. Same goes for Jax.- Villains with flimsy and ridiculous reasons to be villainous.Despite the bad points, I recommend this book. It's well paced and entertaining. You really get the feeling that Hoffman could be writing great books but is being held back by not having a proper editor and, perhaps, a lack of experience - you get the sense that her writing could mature a bit.