Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin)

Spider's Bite - 

Jennifer Estep Interesting story, even if the writing is a bit sloppy. While reading it, I mostly found myself thinking, "If I have to read these words one more time..." I mean, really, were the "my gray eyes" (21 times) or "his amber/hazelnut/gold eyes" (too many to count) or, worst of all, the "Mmm" (13 times), actually necessary?Also, we get that Gin, the main character, is tough just by her actions, there's no need to hammer it into our heads by having her or her friends say it every other page. Something about Gin just didn't click. This is a first person narrative but I never really managed to like her. Her love interest was supposed to be an irresistible alpha male, but somehow ended up lacking a backbone and, most of the time, brains.However, the book has some good points, too. Finn, the dwarfs and the vampire were charming and well-written. They weren't around as much, which was a pity, as they were actually likeable.The plot always left me wanting to read on and the world she created is very interesting. One thing that was actually great: the cooking. It was a very nice touch to Gin's personality.