Bloodlines - 

Lindsay Anne Kendal I hate to say anything bad about a book because I'm certain that, bad or good, the author loves it just the same and put in an equal amount of effort. I mean this only as constructive criticism.That being said, despite its 310 pages the plot feels thin to the point of transparency, every turn is predictable. The characters read as caricatures, and the main character is a blatant Mary-Sue who displays behaviour only acceptable in a young teenage girl, not a girl in her early twenties.Where was this book's editor? The punctuation was ill-used to the point of distraction. There are instances where the tense changes in the same sentence. I want to finish this on a good note, so I must say that the descriptions of their surroundings were well-written, which makes me believe that Kendal can write a very good book. This just wasn't it.