Of Beast and Beauty

Of Beast and Beauty - 

Stacey Jay

Originally posted at Paperback Wonderland.


Okay, that 3rd pov (Bo) was one too many, it really wasn't needed, it just made it seem like the author couldn't find a more skilful way to impart that information.The thing about this book is that the stories within it - the legends that are told - are actually really amazing, I mean, "this stuff is what magic is made of" amazing. And then we get back to the plot and... it's good.


I liked the characters, and I loved the plot twists, but when you start the story with beautiful writing about a wondrous legend, then switch to plain storytelling... it leaves me frustrated! Because I've already seen proof that the author can do better!


Don't get me wrong, I genuinely liked this book, but when the story about the girl who fell in love with a fickle star is told in a way that just slams right into my heart, and the romance between the main characters is sweet but nowhere near that... well, as I said, it's frustrating!


But go read it! It's well worth the read!