Fifth Wave

The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) - 

Rick Yancey

I just couldn’t get into this book. This is my second try and I don’t like DNF books in my list, so I tried again but I could not finish it. So maybe it gets insanely good towards the end? To make up for how crappy it was for the majority of it? Anyway, just saying this is a DNF review.


First of all, (and I remind everyone this is my personal opinion) I don’t think Rick Yancey knows how to write a female’s pov. There are a lot of things sprinkled throughout the book, from the get-go, actually. Stuff like:


“It’s been a long time since humans were prey animals. A hundred thousand years or so.”


I don’t think I’ve felt so much like prey as when I entered my teenage years. That’s something that's hammered into every girls’ head, that’s something that’s downright instinctual after a few short months. I’m sure from the very privileged place of being a white male, Rick Yancey didn’t consider this, but every time a girl goes out at night, or even during day time, if there aren’t many people around, we’re prey.


Then there’s the scene where aliens are invading and it goes something like this:“OH NO WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! I HAD SO MUCH PLANNED TO DO WITH MY LIFE! But isn’t Ben hot? Omg, he is soooo hot!” *insert 5 pages of how hot and perfect and dreamy Ben is*


Also, in a life or death situation Cassie’s bff turns to her and goes:


“I’m talking about our lives, Cassie! Jesus, this could be the end of the freakin’ world, and all you want to do is talk about sex!”


Yeah, Cassie. Or should I say Rick Yancey, who has no fucking clue what teen girls talk about and when?Because it’s clear in that conversation that Cassie and Lizbeth didn’t talk about sex much before (so realistic! …from a man’s perspective, obviously) but when it comes to a situation of survival, it’s not, “Girl, you know you’re my best friend, and we’ll get through this, no matter what, I love you, girl.” It’s, “Omg, while everyone is panicking BECAUSE ALIENS you should totally tell Ben you’ve wanted to bang him since 3rd grade and like, totally do it, maybe in front of everyone.”



Then a lot of boring sci-fi clichés, which I usually don’t mind, I really don’t, but since this book was so hyped, I really expected… something original. Not “The aliens are horrible, not like in the movies. Blah blah, lost humanity, blah blah we’re doomed, blah blah I’m the last one left, oh wait no I just killed another dude, maybe now I’m the last one left, the aliens are so smart, we are doomed.”

Cassie, I’m pretty sure we’ve all watched Alien? You know Lt. Ellen Ripley? I mean, I’m just saying, her aliens were a bit more badass, and she was… basically we can’t even compare you to her, is what I’m saying.


Another fault of this book: Repetition, repetition, repetition. It’s bad enough that the book is boring, which it is, not even being upset at Cassie can get me through her dull flashbacks, I mean, even her mum dying of a mutation of Ebola (and the dad bringing the kids to say goodbye to her even though it’s been mentioned the virus went airborne…) was boring, but it's repetitive. Her complaints are always the same, in fact all she does is talk to herself using the same phrases over and over. And repeating again and again how lame this alien invasion is compared to just about any other in the history of sci-fi only makes it lamer.

Not to mention, sometimes I get this vibe, like this is trying to go for the type of narration in This is Not a Test... but this is nowhere near that level, okay?


Then the “romance”. WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS THIS SICK SHIT?!

This makes Twilight seem healthy. This makes 50 Shades seem reasonable.

You have a girl who distrusts EVERYONE and she meets some random dude who is probably an alien anyway, and she goes:


“He stays in the chair with his elbows resting on his knees and his head lowered, which strikes me as more shy than menacing. I watch his dangling hands and imagine them running a warm, wet cloth over every inch of my body. My completely naked body.”


This guy, who’s written to make Patrick Bateman seem like a sane person, tries to kill her, strips her while she’s unconscious, and generally acts like a creep. But they’re like, totally in love you guys!! 5evah! Just like that, because… because.


Look I’m not saying, “White guys, or guys in general, you should not write girls's povs, EVER” I’m saying, Rick Yancey, wtf was this? Check your privilege.