When the Duke Was Wicked (Scandalous Gentlemen of St. James #1) by Lorraine Heath

When the Duke Was Wicked  - 

Lorraine Heath
The story itself was absolutely fine, as was the writing, but I never felt any chemistry between Grace and Henry - which is a pity because I had high hopes after having read about them in Falling Into Bed With A Duke.
I knew it was hopeless, but I thought Grace would be better off really moving on from her childhood crush on Henry, plus I found it more than a little creepy how much older he was, and how they knew each other when she was a little girl. 
Besides, I really disliked how Henry kept compromising her while being so strict when it came to his own sister. That hypocritical attitude never was to my taste, it seems as if a woman is only truly worth protecting and honouring if she is somehow yours in some way, be it as a mother, sister, daughter or wife. It's just... gross. 
And the comparisons between lively Grace and the wishy-washy dead wife were... troubling.
Which leads to the dilemma: this is a really well written story, but I hated the romance and how the characters were portrayed. Henry, for all his heartache, should have been less of a creep, and Grace should have been less naïve, considering all she went through.
Regarding what Grace went through: I REALLY LOVED that such a subject (can't say what it is, since it's a spoiler!) was addressed in HR and involving such a young girl as well, to help dispel the notion that it'll only happen in your later years. And I truly did love how the whole subject was handled. 
I just couldn't get into the rest...
So read it and see for yourself because, as always, what doesn't work for me will work for other readers!


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