Falling Into Bed with a Duke (The Hellions of Havisham #1) by Lorraine Heath

Falling Into Bed with a Duke (Hellions of Havisham) - 

Lorraine Heath
I'm the pickiest reader and I can't find fault with this book!
It was so, so delightful!
Minerva has had six seasons to catch the attention of a potential suitor and, while she's had many, all of them were fortune hunters. She's not a beauty, and even her money can't make men bear such an opinionated miss who suffers no fools. 
Having decided she'll embrace spinsterhood, Minerva finds it perfectly logical that she should get to know the pleasures of the flesh: gentlemen do it all the time, why should ladies deny themselves the same?
This is where the Nightingale Club comes in: a club where ladies of means and name, masked and anonymous, choose their partner for the night from amongst the gentlemen of society.
One such gentleman is the Duke of Ashebury, also known as one of the Hellions of Havisham. Having lost his parents at a young age and being left in the care of an absent minded if kind madman, Ashe lives a hedonistic life. 
Soon Minerva and Ashe become entangled, and while Minerva clings to anonymity, Ashe is determined to find out who his clever and no-nonsense lover is, and how he can court her openly in society after having seduced her in bed. 
I loved Minerva! She's so practical, so straightforward! She knows what she wants and won't settle for less. She knows how to throw a punch, and she knows how to make profitable investments. 
She sees the world as it is and has no problem speaking her mind. 
I have to admit, I read her parents' book (Between the Devil and Desire) after reading this one, to gain a better understanding of Minerva, and it's no surprise she turned out as wonderful as she is with Olivia and Jack as parents!
It's so nice that there was no needless drama in this book! Even towards the end, when things seemed to be taking a turn to the usual dragged out angst/drama, one of the characters just acted sensibly and within a short time the problem was solved with no one languishing in the swamp of miscommunication. 
Also, Minerva and Ashe were marvellous together. Their chemistry was amazing, and I was really invested in their relationship - I had a silly grin on my face throughout the whole book!
Highly recommend it!
This is how historical romance should be written!
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