The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum by Kate Bernheimer and Nicoletta Ceccoli (illustrator)

The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum - 

Kate Bernheimer, Nicoletta Ceccoli
What a disappointment :(
Those 1.5 stars are entirely awarded to the illustrations. Nicoletta Ceccoli deserved to illustrate an actual worthy story, not this... thing.
The story is absolutely pointless. 
"Reminiscent of The Lady of Shalott'"? How? Because they were both in a tower? 
"An original fairy tale"? Where? This was artsy fartsy stringed nonsense attempting to be taken as ~deep~. 
There was absolutely no writing skill, very little imagination where the story is concerned, with no effort put into the writing, which is an incohesive mess. 
I definitely do not recommend this to anyone. Oh, wait, I guess I recommend it to fans of Lang Leav. 
Anyone else just flip through the book at a book store to see the illustrations. They were really pretty, Ceccoli has a gift, I hope I see more of her work.