Essence - 

Lisa Ann O'Kane
arc provided by Strange Chemistry through Netgalley
I... don't even know what to write about this book.
This is really weird, because I tend to love Strange Chemistry's books, I don't understand how they decided to publish this... but other people seem to have liked it, so...
This book has one of the most annoying and tstl heroines I've come across recently. Honestly, I spent my time going, "Girl, don't do it! Oh my God."
Add to that a nonsensical plot, no character development, no worldbuilding, AND A LOVE TRIANGLE that felt so forced I was just frowning at the screen the whole time, and I was just done with this. 
I was drawn to this book because Autumn escapes a cult. As it turns out she escapes from one cult to another.
The insta-love was dreadful, the way she used Javi to make Ryder jealous was despicable...
And Ryder, the ~hot love interest~, is so disgusting! Drugging her, showing off his bits in what amounted to real live unwanted (as if they're ever wanted...) dick pics, lying to her, being a horrible influence urging her to risk her life for the thrill of it... Pushing her to sex, alcohol and drugs for the adrenaline, instead of treating these things in a responsible way...
How was this even published to a young adult audience?!