Dark Skye by Kresley Cole

Dark Skye - 

Kresley Cole
This is a difficult book to rate.
On the one hand I really loved the plot! I loved the characters! I loved the world building! I loved how feminist it was! I even, dare I say it, loved the angst.


But that dialogue? Wtf.


It was the most absurd, unbelievable dialogue I've read recently.
No one talks like that, no one. And I don't mean how old-timey it was, that's completely expected considering the characters' ages.
I mean how robotic everyone sounded. How much exposition there was every time someone opened their mouth. How everything was explained to the reader, as if we can't discern the plot for ourselves.
How no one would shut up, even while having sex! Really, they'd be hard at it and a constant stream of dialogue would accompany it...



So... I don't even know. Everything else is worth at least 4.5 stars... but it's all disconcertingly bogged down with that... thing that passed for dialogue.
Anyway, I still recommend it. It was a fun read, and I really felt for the characters and their story, they had depth, they were believable, and what's most important, I liked them. 

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