Daughter of Glass by Vicki Keire

Daughter of Glass - 

Vicki Keire
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I was so, so excited about this book! 
Just read the summary! Doesn't it sound amazing?
Sadly, it didn't work for me...
The book is quite short, at about 199 pages, but it still doesn't feel like there is enough plot for it.
For starters it's overly-descriptive. Every little thing, as irrelevant to the plot as it may be, is told to us: car rides, extensive physical descriptions, every little thing that goes through Sasha's (the main character) thoughts is told to us in detail. 
And on the subject of being told... this book is all "tell", no "show". 
Readers can infer things, they don't need to be told, often through repetition (and repetition, and repetition...) what is going on. As a reader, I felt like I was being talked down to...
And when the author wasn't telling the reader every minutiae, we got awkward, stilted dialogue instead. 
Then there is Sasha (who is a very hard to relate to main character), and Noah's... "relationship". 
"For about the millionth time, I tried to name this feeling between us and failed."
It's insta-love, girl. 
To summarise, this book is basically a good plot idea failed in the execution, ending up as a collection of YA tropes, from the insta-love, to the absent parents, complete with tragically dead mother, too much drama... I could go on.
It just wasn't for me, but maybe others will like it. 

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