The Bone Flower Queen (The Bone Flower Trilogy #2) by T.L. Morganfield

The Bone Flower Queen - 

T.L. Morganfield
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trigger warnings: incest, self-harm, human sacrifice, violence


The first book of this series was hard to read - not because it wasn't good, quite on the contrary! - but because it dealt with issues that are culturally taboo to me, namely incest. It makes for an uncomfortable love story when it's between two siblings...
The thing is, it was one of those books that stay with you. I thought of it on and off between its release and this one's release. So you can say I managed to set my discomfort aside.
That being said, I was much more open to enjoy this book.
Quetzalpetlatl and Topiltzin finally build their holy city and rule side by side as husband and wife. 
Things aren't all HEA, even when Quetzalpetlatl is impregnated by the god Quetzalcoatl, and Topiltzin and her raise the boy as their own, the heir to the throne they worked so hard to attain.
There are promises made to gods, promises that get in the way, battles with demons, dissent in the city...
And Quetzalpetlatl growing fear that she's losing herself, turning into something... else. 
I must admit, I spent a lot of this book feeling frustrated. Quetzalpetlatl's actions seemed nonsensical, they put a lot of hurdles on what could have been a smoother path. 
If you read this book and you find yourself struggling with the same issue I beg you KEEP READING! The plot twist near the end makes ever inconsistency clear and reveals a heretofore hidden depth, in what was already a pretty deep book.
I'm always astounded at the research that goes into the books of this series. There is real love for the craft here. Real care and respect for the culture being represented. 
And I always learn so much reading this series!
I hate how I only learned about European mythology in school and university. There is such a wealth of rich cultures to be studied and appreciated...
I simply cannot wait for the next (and final, ugh!) book in The Bone Flower trilogy!

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