Thug Kitchen and Cultural Appropriation

Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook - 

Thug Kitchen,  LLC

pictured above: racist, cultural appropriators
who censor and delete any criticism
'Thug Kitchen' Is the Latest Iteration of Digital Blackface
"Thug Kitchen—a brand that got popular by writing recipes in a tone reminiscent of African American Vernacular English—is run by two WASPy white people from California, Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, whom Epicurious refers to as “masterminds.”" - Vice 
 "The Root refers to Thug Kitchen as “a recipe in blackface.” Belittling and commoditizing “ghetto” symbols and imagery for white gain is a form of racism and appropriation. It draws on a long history of white persons feeling entitled to control over non-white spaces. Whites draw on their immense social power to pick and choose from vulnerable communities from the safety and comfort of their spaces of privilege." - The Academic Abolitionist Vegan