Bellman and Black by Diane Setterfield

Bellman & Black - 

Diane Setterfield
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As a young boy, William Bellman kills a bird with a sling-shot. This small but cruel act defines his fate.
One by one, people begin to die around him - and at every funeral there is a mysterious man in black...

Bellman is a flat character. There is no other way to put it. In fact, every character in this book is uninteresting and undeveloped. I couldn't bring myself to feel much of anything about any of  them. 

There was very little in the way of plot - too many details, too many pages wasted on what goes into the running of a mill, I guess, for someone into that, this must be frightfully interesting - not so to me.

It's a story where very little happens to characters about whom I never really managed to care. A story about a man driven to forget, and who, quite frankly, became forgettable in my mind.

The writing style, however, is good, which makes me want to give a chance to The Thirteenth Tale, which I have yet to read. 

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