Jamie K.'s commentary on the fallout of his friend Joel's trolling of Susana's review of his book Disorderly (which Joel hasn't even read yet), which featured such jewels as:


- trying to tell Susana she didn't know how to review a book

- calling her rude for not taking this with a smile

- claiming reviews should not be subjective, otherwise they're opinions, not reviews

- when people jumped in to tell him he was being an idiot, saying we were all too "sensitive" on GR

- this gem: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea."

- and this one: "it's impossible to have a civilized conversation with angry people"

- then the author joined the fiasco and instead of telling his friend to stop acting like an asshole, he said people should erase the one star ratings with no reviews of his books (but makes no mention of the 5 star ratings with no reviews). He has since deleted this comment, so if anyone has a screencap...


Take a look at the author's tumblr.

Warning: white male privilege and all that comes with it, like defending whitewashing, whenever there is a post about women's issues is one of those who has to go, "but what about the men?!", and stuff like, "Having the ability to birth a child is not an accomplishment, stop acting like it is.", "Being poorly treated doesn’t make you a minority, you dunce" because "there are more females than males in America…"


I could go on, but basically if someone considers "angry mom" to be an insult it already tells us a lot of how he views women, and what type of person he is, in general.



ETA: from Joel's tumblr

"Some people need to get their heads off their asses and calm the fuck down. My brain hurts from reading some much bullshit. It’s a nice day to quote George Carlin:

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups""