Forever One (Kasara's Children, #1) by L.F. Hampton

Forever One (Kasara's Children) - 

L. F. Hampton

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DNF @ 20%


I’m sorry but this book… this book should come with trigger warnings, I can’t even begin to list them, I don’t know.


I requested this because I wanted to read a romantic space-opera, not this semi-incestuous… thing!


Bear in mind that I love romantic space-operas, so I’m biased enough to let a lot of things slide, but this book just pushed it WAY too far.


I know I’m not at my most coherent, but this really was NOT my cup of tea, to say the least.


Vadyn, a warlord from an alien species, lost his mate. Being mind-linked, this devastating loss spelled certain death for him. Elizabeth, however, couldn’t let him die. She rushed to save him and mind-linked with him, even though she was married to Logan, and could never truly be mated to Vadyn.


Even so, being mind-linked, they shared everything. And I mean everything. Their love for Logan. Elizabeth and Logan’s nights of passion. The conception of Logan and Elizabeth’s children, Sean and Cayla. The pains of their childbirth. 

Vadyn was there for all, felt it all as if it were happening to him. 

He helped raise the children as a sort of foster uncle.


Which is why it’s so unacceptably disgusting that the romance in this book is between Cayla and him!


Why? Why would you have the romance be between a girl who just reached maturity and her “uncle” who helped raise her? Why couldn’t this be between two similarly aged people without a semi-incestuous background?


Vadyn “shared everything with [Elizabeth], even the birthing pains of both her children, Sean and Cayla, so long ago." …So now he wants to have sex with the baby he felt being born? The baby whose very conception he "witnessed"?!


Elizabeth and Logan are ambushed and murdered. I say murdered but Elizabeth spent over 10 pages slowly dying and monologuing the reader about how important her husband was to her, which is nice… if she didn’t make it clear that she cared more about him that she cared about her own children:

"She would kill anyone or anything that hurt her loved ones. And Logan was the greatest of those."

As she dies she wants to say goodbye to her daughter but she can feel her husband dying and “His importance came first.



Was this written in the 50’s?!


And then, to “save” Vadyn from dying along with her parents, Cayla seduces him and mind-links herself to him… like, right next to her parents’ corpses. They’re making out, naked, by her parents’ corpses. You think I’m blowing this out of proportion?


"Bodies intertwined, they rolled in mental and sexual frenzy on the bloodied sand."


He then had the presence of mind to slide them a little ways away to take her virginity. How thoughtful!


And as foreplay, “he exposed all his stored private memories of her mother and father. (…) even their lovemaking scenes.


Like… I have no words.


Just because you say things like:

"All this time, she thought he knew her only as the child he had helped to raise. But that was a lie."



She loved him. Not as the doting foster uncle but as a mate.



"She never called him “uncle” now."