Nomad (Swift #2) by R.J. Anderson

Nomad - 

R.J. Anderson
The Faerie Rebels and Swift series are pure YA gold, worthy of a spriggan hoard!
In Nomad, we pick up right where Swift left off: with Ivy banished from the Delve and in the company of "Richard" (now Martin). And though details were a bit hazy to me, seeing as I read Swift 2 years ago, thankfully, Susana was reading it now, so I could ask questions to my heart's content.
Ivy and Martin, while hiding in a cave, come upon a hoard of spriggan treasure which allows them to live in more comfort. But that's the only bit of luck they seem to have: Martin is still looking for his people and trying to find out who he was, and Ivy, plagued my dreams of a spriggan boy from 400 years past, still has to find a way to save her people from the poisoned Delve, and the rule of her aunt Betony. 
Apart from a brief exposure of the "Nice Guy" who is friendly just as long as there is a chance for "something" else, and a few attempts to overcome fantastical racism, there weren't many social issues represented in this book - at least compared to what usually shows up in this series; to date: disability, racism (albeit the fantastical type), cultural clash, feminism, spiritual doubt, infertility, toxic familial relationships, among many others. 
That's not to say it wasn't an excellent book from start to finish, but I was expecting more, that's how greedy R.J. Anderson's writing has made me...
Ivy, as in the previous book, is still an amazingly believable and well-written character. Her thought-processes and actions make sense, she's mature for her age, but not so mature as to be unbelievable, she's brave, and stubborn, and loyal, and a delight to read!
Martin is still his Shakespeare obsessed self, given to a bit of the over dramatic at times, but thoughtful and so heartbreakingly intent on hiding his true emotions! 
That's one of the (many) things I love about R.J. Anderson's writing: how she writes so much emotion, and has her characters attempt to hide it, and the readers suffering alongside them. 
This book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, which I usually despise, but in this case I just rejoiced, because it means there must be another book in the making, and I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on it!

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