Midwinter Magic by Erica Ridley

Midwinter Magic - 

Erica Ridley
I received a copy of this book from Intrepid Reads through Netgalley


Sarah Phimm is a guardian angel with a very difficult assignment: to guard Jack Morgan.

Ever since he discovered his life as a corporate shark had made him the indirect source of a lot of misery, Jack is determined to right every wrong he can for as long as he lives. So he marches into third-world countries distributing medicine, building schools, repairing houses, and generally placing himself in mortal danger at least 5 times a day. Sarah is at her wits' end.

Which is how, while being distracted going over Jack's crazy itinerary, she inadvertently bumps into him. Now Jack is aware she exists, since she had to stop herself being invisible (except for her wings, of course). She just has to wait for the right opportunity to make herself invisible again and maybe, just maybe, she won't get fired.

I really loved the first book of the Nether-Netherland series: Charmed. And Midwinter Magic had everything to be just as enjoyable. 
Except for one tiny thing, which may be something that only bothers me: Sarah was Jack's guardian angel since the moment he was born. She was right there, in fact. She was always by his side, since he took his first breath. ...and now she's in love with him? ...they're in love with each other?
I mean... I guess it can be okay, since she's his guardian angel and all, and not even technically human, right?
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