After The Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue

After The Ending  - 

Lindsey Fairleigh, Lindsey Pogue
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What... what was this?
This was published?
How? Why?

Dani and Zoe are bff and they are at opposite sides of the country when a flu-like pandemic strikes and kills almost everyone. Their objective is to reach each other.
Seems like a pretty good set up for a dystopia, right? Girl power! Friendship between two girls who've known each other since they were kids taking precedence over the tired clichés of hunky dudes lusting after the main character.

The book starts off with Dani going on and on and ON about how perfect her boyfriend Cam is. No seriously.

"Cam, my adorable boyfriend"
"Cam’s been making soup for Callie…he’s so sweet."
"Cam’s unfailing support"
"Go to sleep, my Cam. I’ll be right here. I love you"
"Cam gave you a bear hug and said, “I love how much you love her!”"

Then he croaks and she's all "Waaaah! He can't do this to me, he promised we'd grow old together and have kids and our kids would marry my bff's kids and then he could die!"
BUT WAIT, because Jason, her bff's brother shows up to save the day and omg, isn't he dreamy? Cam who? Oh right, Cam, her boyfriend whom she remembers because the disposal of his rotting body caused some sexy contention with the hunk, Jason.

As annoying as Dani's narrative is, (and it really is!) it's not as bad as Zoe's. I don't mean plot wise or their personalities, they're both incredibly annoying people - I mean the writing skill. Dani's POV isn't anything special. It's bad, really, but Zoe's POV is My Immortal fanfic bad.

"I unzipped my knee-high, black, calfskin boots and flung them into the corner. The brisk air in the room was a reprieve, cooling my legs which had been fermenting in their leather confines."
"I pulled off my brown pencil skirt and laid it across the bed."
"Pulling my dark hair from its bun, I watched it cascade past my shoulders and settle just above my waist, uncreased despite the twisted knot it had been in all day. I tried to imagine what I’d look like with Dani’s wild curls and rolled my eyes. Wondering was pointless. My hair was boring and straight, but contrasted nicely with my light skin and blue-green eyes.
My dad had blue eyes, but not quite the same color as mine. They were paler, and his hair was so much lighter. I must look more like Mom…

But does it have a strong message? Simply because female characters are annoying, and the story is written poorly, doesn't mean it can't convey a sense of girl power.

Haha, no.

Dani, in particular, is incredibly fond of girl hate. She makes mean comments and hates on other women for so much as looking at Jason - even though she's not even with Jason since what's his name, the love of her life, oh that's right, Cade. No Cam! Cam. As I was saying, since Cam just died and all.

And she complains about it. Endlessly. No, not about Cam's death. lol that dead dude? No. She complains about Jason not wanting to be with her, and choosing to patrol with a girl soldier instead of civilian old Dani. Why isn't he falling at her feet?! That bitch is totally trying to take him from her, even though he's not even hers to begin with! Look at that slut, trying to take her not-her-man!

Welcome to the Apocalypse, where women spend their days crushing over dreamy guys and emailing their bff about what bitches other girls are.

Because throughout this whole thing Dani and Zoe email each. And then they email each other some more. And some more. And some more.
They even email each other using their phones, even though phones were mentioned to be down, but whatever, because everything works for Mary Sues.

So I'm thinking, "Well, at least this can't get any worse..."
And that's when they gain super powers.

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