Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened - 

Allie Brosh

I admit it, I'm a long time fan of Hyperbole and a Half, that site is genius and Allie Brosh is hilarious.

This book includes a few of the stories she'd already posted on her site and a few (awesome!) new ones. Sadly... no Alot.

But there was plenty of Simple Dog - as an owner of a very Simple Dog I appreciate knowing I am not alone in this plight. I, too, tested my dog and he failed just as miserably.

It's worth mentioning my dog's eternal love for "the cone of shame". He had to wear one when he was neutered and once it was removed he went into severe dog depression (standing on his bed making a penetrating "EEeeeEEEEeeeEEEeeEEeee" noise of anguish). I thought, "Poor thing, obviously missing his balls." But no, it was the cone of shame he missed. Somehow he became convinced that the cone of shame was the height of dog couture, and like an Elizabethan courtier he wanted it around his neck, the bigger the better. So we had to wean him out of wearing the cone of shame, as if it were cocaine, or something.

Right now he's wearing one (he broke a nail, which had to be removed) and he struts everywhere like a model on a runway, filled with the greatest happiness a dog can experience.
Not looking forward to the time he'll have to stop wearing it...

Brosh's stories about depression were poignant and, quite honestly, the best way I've come across to describe depression to someone who doesn't suffer from it. Next time I have to explain to someone what it's like suffering from depression, I'll just refer them to this book.

As a person with a lifelong distrust of geese, her goose story was as terrifying as one of Stephen King's books. Think Cujo - but with a goose.

More importantly: Allie Brosh's parents. They deserve all the awards, seriously.

In conclusion:



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